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Advantages of Reading Supernatural Comic Books

Reading is one of the best way of exercising the human brain. However, the results are only obtained when someone reads something that they understand. Let’s face it, some of us have read the bible from the first to the last page without understanding it quite well. However, if the bible was represented in form of a comic book, we probably would have understood it as there are visual aids which would make understanding easier and better. Even though you might not have realized this, there are quite a number of benefits that comes with reading supernatural comic book, some of which have been highlighted below.

Comic books are important as they help people, especially kids, learn and love reading. Most of the kids don’t love reading. They would rather sit and watch their favorite cartoon episodes than take some time off to read. To them, reading is a punishment. However, passive activities such as watching the television the whole day would only bring them health problems and make them dumb. Comic books, on the other hand, provide with a good way for them to spend their day, and especially their holidays, as they have intense visuals, and they focus on plot and characters.

Reading of supernatural comic book also allows us to think differently. Studies have shown that in order for someone to understand the meaning of the material written in the comic books, they would have to build meaning using ‘multiple modalities’. Understanding comes from processing of visual and the textual parts of the book. Bringing these components together allows someone to have a better understanding of the written story. Unlike the rest of the materials that someone would spend their day reading, such as novels and newspapers, comic books require complex processing, and research is yet to show the neurological benefits that the books provide to the human body.

Let’s face it, comic books are also cool to read. As much as you are reading it for the purpose of exercising your brain, you also have a lot of fun while reading. Maybe your favorite cartoons are the Teenage Ninja Turtles or Superman. Am sure that you’ve heard about them, not unless you’ve been living under the rocks. Superhero movies are cool. However, something that most people do not know is that these characters are created from comic books. If you enjoy watching them on the television, there is no way you will not enjoy reading their comic books.

However, comic books are more than superhero stories. It's possible that you may not be into superheroes, and that’s normal. The good thing about comic books is that they also contain other stories based on other topics that you would choose from. It is actually possible for the reader to find materials created on environment and toxic wastes. But one thing that all comic books have in common is that they all explore important themes and feelings of the characters. The visual nature of comic books allows the reader to explore the feelings as they are reading.

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